Brett Larson, M.A.

Professional Tutoring for SAT/ACT Test Prep -College Applications and Essays - Lindamood Bell - Orton-Gillingham

Modern Research Based Tutoring

1. Students with learning disabilities are often working harder than their peers everyday.  

While nothing is accomplished without hard work, students with ADHD and Dyslexia need a special kind of help. They need help that is proven effective and that takes advantage of the latest scientific research. I offer what is most effective based on what we currently know about ADHD and dyslexia. I have been professionally trained in the Lindamood-Bell reading and writing system and have used it to advance many children in reading and spelling. I also incorporate the key elements of the Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory approach into my lessons.

I am also trained in cross-lateral exercises that actually build new neurons and increase communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which is of particular importance for dyslexics) but helpful for learners of all ages. These exercises are fun and easy for kids to enjoy and provide a great warm-up for learning new or difficult subjects and then retaining that new knowledge.

2. SAT/ACT Test Prep

My wife and I both offer SAT/ACT and GRE Test prep tutoring. Tutoring is available in two formats. First, we offer month long courses with 4 students maximum. The classes include 5 hours of instruction per week and one private session each week designed to target students' individual needs. We offer two full length practice tests. We do everything we can to make sure your student's score improves. There are also private sessions available in addition to or instead of the class.

4. College Applications and Essays

I am available to guide students and parents through the seemingly daunting process of choosing the right shool. These sessions are highly personalized and designed to get your student into the school that fits their aspirations, personality, and future. Choosing a set of schools to which you will apply typically happens in the spring. Then later, in the fall, I see students again to help them with their essays and other application materials. It is often better to start earlier than you would imagine so that the process flows smoothly through the time when your student already has difficult homework and AP tests Junior and Senior year. 

3. Help with School Curriculum

Many students (with or without learning differences) simply need help with their school work. I can provide assistance that is harmonized with the student's classwork. I am not only interested in the "what" of tutoring but I am also interested in the "how". I do not want my students to merely learn more information. I want them to learn how to learn for themselves. I work closesly with teachers and parents to make sure that our plan is effective and unique to the student.

4. Mindfulness. Research on mindfulness is really only just beginnning. Now researchers are coming out with findings every few weeks on how mindfulness helps in yet another arena of human life. This is because the concept is not far fetched. A calm and focused mind is more likely to be succesfull at whatever it tries. Research by Dr. Lidia Zylowska found that 78% of adults with ADHD reported a clinical reduction in symptoms associated with the condition. Research is still forthcoming with younger people but as a rule learning tends to be more important at younger ages. Reasearch is also being done on Mindfulness for Dyslexia (see below).

Mindfulness is simply a wonderful and practical technique that offers an increasingly long list of benefits for children with learning disabilities and for all of us. 

5. I Stay Connected. I keep in touch with parents and let you know in weekly emails how things are going with your son or daughter. I connect with teachers and counselors to round out the whole picture of your student's plan for success. I work for you and with you to make sure that your child is steadily improving.

6. Local to SW PDX. My wife and I are both professional tutors and have a lovely office above Marco's Cafe in Multnomah Village (7912 SW 35th Avenue, Suite #3, see map >>) "The Village" is a great place to wait for your son or daughter during their lesson. Prosperity Pie Shoppe is a great local spot that serves everything from house-made pies to mac and cheese. 

7. Research

The Lindamood Bell System

Cross-Lateral brain exercises

Mindfulness and Dyslexia

Mindfulness and Well-Being